Why Connections Homeschool?

Because they provide the best support for Homeschool Families on the Kenai Peninsula.

Connections is the homeschool / correspondence program for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD), serving and facilitating the needs of over 900 homeschool parents and students on the Kenai Peninsula.

We at KPBSD and Connections believe homeschool is a viable educational option for parents who are committed to being involved in the individualized education of their children. We also believe parents to be the primary teachers of their children.

Our mission is to provide families and students with a wide variety of educational opportunities and curricular options to best facilitate and support the child’s total educational plan.

Connections provides students and parents with instructional resources, curriculum counseling, technology, access to local school academics and activities, and funding to support their educational learning plan. These resources are all provided through a model of collaboration between the Connections staff, the school district, and our community.

Connections staff provide parent-teachers with teacher assisted counseling and guidance in the creation of each student’s individual learning plan. Course work is built from parent designed home-based instruction courses, correspondence courses, classes at local schools, online courses, KPC classes, and community classes.

Connections students are students of the KPBSD and are entitled to and have access to academic assistance, special services resources, and the sports and activities program of the local schools. Full time Connections students may take up to two classes at the local school. Qualified students may receive special services assistance from the special resources teachers at their attendance area schools. All Connections students may also participate in the sports programs and activities provided by the district.

Our community provides students and parents with a variety of rich educational resources. Students may take classes in the arts, music, dance, world languages, and PE from approved vendors as well as community classes and courses from Kenai Peninsula College.

Connections technology, its support, maintenance and instructional in-service for its uses are vital components of the Connections program. Parents receive the use of a state of the art Dell computer and HP printer for the school year. We also provide system software and an internet connection for each family.

Connections has over 900 students currently enrolled with an additional one hundred fifty students who take correspondence courses through Connections enrichment services. Of these, approximately 10% of the districts graduating seniors took courses to partially fulfill graduation requirements.

Connections Homeschool Students Connections Homeschool Students
Connections Homeschool Students Connections Homeschool Students
Connections Homeschool Students Connections Homeschool Students
Connections Homeschool Students










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