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December 2014 Newsletter Dear Homeschool Families,

The State of Alaska has adopted a new student testing system called Alaska Measure of Progress (AMP). All students in grades 3-10 will take the tests this spring on a laptop computer. It is very, very important that our students become familiar with the new online testing format prior to testing. Please follow the steps below to login and become familiar with the new system.

Step 1 Download the KITE test engine onto your device: Go to for instructions and links.

Step 2 Select the KITE icon to open the test engine.

Step 3 Type in the Username and Password: (listed on page 2 of the attached document). Then select the “Sign-in arrow. This will open the next screen.

Step 4 The next screen contains two options: Take a Test and Practice Test. Choose Practice Test.

Step 5 Choose ELA (English Language Arts) or Math. This will open the instructions page.

Step 6 The first page is the instructions; scroll to read the entire page. Choose “Begin” at the bottom of the page to open the first question in the Technology Practice Test. (Please Note: The directions page on the Technology Practice Tests contains more information than what will be on the AMP assessment in April).

Connections advisor Mark Wackler has created an informative video to demonstrate the use of the practice tests.

We wish you all a Wonderful Holiday Season and thank you for your dedication to your children and their homeschool education.


Lee Young Connections Principal & The Connections Staff

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