Each school district that enrolls limited English proficient (LEP) pupils shall administer a state-approved assessment for identification of English language proficiency to all pupils who may be LEP pupils but have not been identified as LEP pupils. The district is responsible for taking appropriate steps to develop LEP pupils' English-language skills and to provide them meaningful participation in the school district's academic program consistent with applicable state and federal standards. In addition, each school district with a school that is attended by at least eight LEP pupils shall:

(1) prepare a plan of service for LEP pupils; the school district may designate the effective dates of the plan of service, which may be for up to five school years;

(2) file a plan of service by April 15 of the year in which the district enrolls eight or more LEP pupils in a school or the year in which the existing plan of service expires;

(3) implement the plan of service in the school year following the year of submission; and

(4) file changes to an existing plan of service with the department before implementation of the change.

(b) The plan required under (a) of this section must provide for the following:

(1) a statement of the district's educational goals and instructional methodology;

(2) the district's plan of identification of all pupils who are or who may be LEP pupils, which must include the use of a state-approved assessment for identification of English language proficiency;

(3) the district's procedure for assessing the educational progress of LEP pupils;