At the foundation of AIMSweb is general outcome measurement, a form of curriculum-based measurement (CBM), used for universal screening three times a year and progress monitoring when needed in grades K-6. This form of brief assessment measures overall performance of key foundational skills at each grade level and draws upon over thirty years of scientific research that demonstrates both its versatility to provide accurate prediction of reading and math achievement as well as its sensitivity to growth. KPBSD assesses early literacy and math skills (TEL and TEN), reading fluency (R-CBM) and basic math computation (M-COMP).

Test of Early Literacy (TEL-CBM) is a District-mandated assessment designed to assess beginning reading skills of students in kindergarten and first grade. TEL-CBM are measures of phonological awareness skills. Phonological awareness refers to the awareness of the sound structures of language, including the ability to work with parts of words. It includes a range of skills including rhyming, blending, and breaking apart sounds of words.